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SES Training

Learn to perform tunnel ventilation analysis for real-world projects using the SES computer program. SES Technicians can document model creation, simulate tunnel environments, and post-process results.

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Courses and Prices

Courses are available on-demand. Learn by watching short, 5 to 10 minutes, lectures. Then download calculation templates and perform self-work. Access one-on-one support with the course creator, and SES Guru. The processes and calculation templates are designed to efficiently perform real world projects.

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Emergency Analyses

Students learn how to build models and perform fire simulations.



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Normal Analyses

Learn how to update an emergency model to perform normal analyses with train movement.


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Road Tunnels

Learn how to use SES to model road tunnels

Coming Soon

Training Features

  • ​Course developed by SES Guru trained by original SES developers at Parsons Brinckerhoff

  • Content is derived from over 250 hours of development, live lectures, and student feedback to assure an effective learning experience

  • Lectures are on-demand for students to review at their convenience

  • Self-work with a sample system enables students to be ready for real-world analyses

  • Access to one-one support from an SES Guru to understand the content

  • Over 25 calculation templates are taught and available for efficient model creation of future projects

  • Learn modern analysis techniques, using pre-and post-processing tools

    • Next-In for pre-processing, which is freely available

    • Next-Vis for post-processing, commercially available from Never Gray

  • Access to post-processing tool Next-Vis for three months (a value of US$1,200 per student)



Etienne Lacroix, ing., STM

The training addresses key elements and good practices for both beginners and expert users. The explanations are of high quality, concise, and supported by an exhaustive baggage of experience. The course explains some best practices for documenting model creation. The process of using the output of excel calculation directly in the Next-In format simplifies model generation and checking of data. The organization and presentation are more practical than previous training (with another company). The whole course reflects a lot of preparation. I’m confident my staff can take this course and become proficient at using SES.


Stefania Fiedler, M.Eng., P.Eng., Hatch

I have been granted access to Never Gray's SES Emergency Analyses course to evaluate it as a potential alternative to future in-house training, in exchange for providing constructive feedback about the technical aspects of the course. As a fellow SES expert, I can confidently say that this course is thoughtfully laid out with a methodical progression from one topic to another. It truly makes for an excellent learning experience, enhanced by the great visual presentation of all the material. In my opinion, the Never Gray Way really shines in the way the overall process for conducting SES Analyses is presented, most importantly being, all the required documenting and checking throughout. It demonstrates how to navigate and manage the often overwhelming amount of information, which helps ensure a quality product is produced. Any Joe can run an SES model, but for it and the associated results to be trusted, this is the way to follow. Bravo Justin!

Vejapong Juttijudata, Ph.D., Associate Professor

(Live Lecture Student)

You make SES fun! Learning SES with Never Gray Way is amazing. I enjoy learning with Justin very much. He’s SES Guru and contributes so much to the SES community in many different ways. His approach to SES is very systematic; thereby making SES simple & straight forward to anyone. I never feel intimidated to ask for his help. Never Gray Way is the best way to learn SES from a real SES Guru!

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