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Training, Software, Coding, and Engineering


Tunnel Ventilation


Fire Life Safety


Never Gray’s technical specialty is ventilation and fire life safety of underground infrastructure, such as electric rail, diesel rail, and roadways. Services include analysis, airflow modeling, establishing and evaluating system requirements, facilitating fire life safety committees, and compliance with building codes and NFPA standards. As a specialist, Never Gray provides an independent peer review and advice for transit operators, transit management companies, consultants, and fire departments.

Safety issues, like most engineering topics, should not be confusing. Eventually, items need to be identified in clear black and white, Never Gray.

Underground Construction


Never Gray provides training programs, consulting services, and writing services for desk workers.  Training enables companies and individuals to communicate more effectively through both written documents and verbal presentations.

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  • Tunnels

  • Stations

  • Overbuilds

  • Diesel Rail

  • Passenger Rail

  • Road

Enclosed facilities require unique solutions for ventilation and fire life safety. Unlike standard commercial buildings, every situation requires a unique look at the requirements. Underground construction is expensive and supporting ventilations systems need to be integrated to create efficient solutions. Ventilation is a fundamental component to creating a comfortable and safe environment for the humans in the environment

The Subway


  • Subway Environment Simulation (SES)

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

  • Mathematical

Analysis and modeling are required to create solutions that meet performance requirements. Even simple solutions, like natural ventilation, need validation. Solutions then need to be properly communicated to stakeholders who may not have engineering backgrounds.

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The development of requirements and solutions can be complicated. The product needs to be simple for the operator to use and firefighters to understand.

Never Gray can review, modify, and draft documents for the following:

  • Peer and reviews

  • Fire Life Safety Committee

  • Egress

  • Fire alarm

  • Code Compliance, NFPA

  • Fire Department

  • Drills

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