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Next-Sim is a new major update to Next-Vis with the features below. Next-Sim enables SES engineers to easily perform multiple simulations, simultaneously.

I’m looking for a few beta testers to test the software. To test or attend a virtual demonstration, contact me.


Next-Sim’s New Features:

  • Queue multiple simulations for parallel processing

  • Create multiple iterations from Next-In’s new iteration worksheet. Then run, post-process, and summarize all results in one worksheet.

  • Run one or multiple simulations without a command prompt from input files or Next-In

Existing Features (from Next-Vis see below):

  • Create Excel files for all SES output and additional output, such as actual airflow and average sub-segment temperature in normal simulations.

  • Populate SES data in Visio templates using Next-Sim stencils: 'airflow or air velocity, air temperature, wall temperature, train and fire position, fan and jet fan operation, dampers open or closed, and simulation info.

  • Perform analyses on SES Output

    • Average results from staggered normal simulations

    • Summarize all data along a route (great to plot tunnel temperatures)

All Features from Next-Vis

SES analyses are easier by creating Excel files and populating Visio diagrams from output files: SES 4.1, 6.0, and OpenSES. 

License Prices for 2024

Next-Vis is available as a Floating License or Node-Locked.

  • $3,500 USD per year, or

  • $400 USD per month

Future Updates

Licenses give you access to all future updates including new Excel analyses types, Excel templates, and Visio stencils.

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Excel Files

Simulation outputs are organized in Excel Worksheets, ready for easy analysis. Analyses can be easily incorporated into templates and reports.

Visio Stencils

Drag and drop stencils in Visio to extract airflow and temperature data


Request new output templates, analyses, or Visio Stencils to customize your results.

Tunnel Segments

Airflow, train, and fire for SES segments.



Fan on or off, in exhaust or supply direction

Jet Fans


Jet fan on or off, and direction

Next-Vis Stencils



Damper open or closed

Simulation Info


SES output file information







Demonstration Videos

Using Stencils

This video demonstrates how to create schematics in Visio using the Next-Vis Visio Stencils. The instruction file distributed with Next-Vis summaries this information.

SES Output to Excel

Next-Vis converts all SES second-by-second and summary data to Excel. This video shows the creation and structure of the Excel File.

FAST: 30 files in 30 seconds

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